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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Sweeps Across Europe And Russia Infecting Media Outlets, Airports

26 October 2017

Such users are being asked to transfer the sum to a payment address, following which they will be sent decryption keys to unlock their files.

In Ukraine, the functioning of computer systems of Odessa global airport (south) has been assigned. Two Russian news outlets, Interfax and Fontanka, also had outages. Interfax confirmed on Twitter that it was impacted by the attacks. The distribution does not appear to have the sophistication of the supply chain attacks we have seen recently. Hackers via the ransomware malware are making files unavailable to users and as a outcome disrupt the operations.

Initially, few security products were capable of stopping the outbreak: a sample of the malware uploaded to analysis service VirusTotal showed just four products correctly flagging it as malicious as of 4:30pm on Tuesday, including ones made by Kaspersky and Symantec. USA officials have also said they had "received multuple reports of Bad Rabbit ransomware in many countries around the world".

"The risky aspect is the fact that it was able to infect many institutions which constitute critical infrastructure in such a short timeframe", says ESET malware researcher Robert Lipovsky, "which indicates a well-coordinated attack".

Kaspersky's Alex Perekalin writes, "According to our findings, the attack doesn't use exploits. Apart from this, it has also a hardcoded list of credentials". The ransom demand is phrased similarly to that of June's outbreak, and researchers at Russian security firm Kaspersky say that the malware uses "methods similar to those used" during the NotPetya attack.

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So far there haven't been any attacks seen in the UK.

A number of compromised websites was detected, all of which were news or media websites.

"We can not say what it is at the moment", Yevgeny Gukov of the Group-IB IT security firm said in Moscow. "We continue our investigation".

A major Canadian company was forced to pay $425,000 in Bitcoin over the weekend to restore its computer systems after.

According to the Russian company in computer security, " almost 200 targets have been hit", mainly in Russia but also in Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, in Turkey and in Germany.

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It is understood the ransomware was distributed with the help of drive-by attacks. Victims were then redirected to a site that downloads the malware. It went on to say that "no exploits were used" in the cyberattack.

If you get a prompt to update Adobe Flash while browsing online any time soon - be careful.

After the drama caused by the WannaCry and NotPetya earlier this year, was there ever any doubt that a fresh ransomware campaign would emerge at some point? In the United Kingdom, it knocked some of the National Health Service (NHS) computer networks offline, resulting in operational delays and closures.

This ransomware seems to be a variant of Petya and even has a similar aesthetic of the lockout screen.

At least one security researcher suggested that EternalBlue was used in the BadRabbit attack.

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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Sweeps Across Europe And Russia Infecting Media Outlets, Airports