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Pakistan missions in UAE observe Kashmir black day

29 October 2017

The community leaders also highlighted the need for International Community to urge India to end gross human rights violations in IOK.

"The Indian occupation had seen the worst form of state oppression, aimed to subdue the spirit of the people of Kashmir, where over 100,000 have become martyrs to the cause of freedom, she said".

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The ranger unit conducting the operation said the shot was sacked from a heavier weapon mounted on an armored vehicle. Earlier this month, Lorenzana said the military equipment from Russian Federation would be used to fight terrorism.

She said the Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir was not only a travesty of justice and legality, it was also a betrayal of the legitimate right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own destiny. He said that rightful struggle of the Kashmiri people, for the right of self-determination, can not be silenced through the barrel of gun and added that he is of the considered opinion that the Kashmiris will get their birth right freedom from India.

27 October is observed as Black Day by Kashmiris to condemn the unlawful landing of Indian troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir on 27 October 1947. The railway services were also suspended as a precautionary measure. "Indian forces continue to illegally occupy Kashmir for over 70 years now", a statement issued by Joint Resistance Leadership reads. Iranian journalist Nasir Yamin Mardokhi presented a poem on Kashmir and scholar Dr Abdul Rafee Haqiqat, journalist Mohammad Reza Ahmedlou and an Iranian student from the Urdu Department of the Tehran University expressed support and solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

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Pakistan on Friday reiterated its "moral, diplomatic and political support" for Jammu and Kashmir while questioning the "conscience" of worldwide community and the United Nations over the "denial of right to self-determination" to the people of the state. Barjees Tahir said that India should come forward for dialogue with Pakistan for peaceful solution of Kashmir. All the black day processions later converged into a mammoth protest rally at Shaheed chowk where speakers reiterated on this occasion that the people of Jammu & Kashmir neither ever accepted the illegal occupation of their motherland by India nor will accept the same at any cost in the future.

The house further said that India which boasts itself largest democracy of the world is in violation of democratic values and principles given its denial of the most fundamental human rights of the people of Kashmir.

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Kashmiri Hurriyet leaders held a demonstration outside the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to mark the Black Day, today. They called upon the worldwide community and human rights organizations to come forward and play their role in immediate cessation of massive violations of human rights in Kashmir, and ending the impunity enjoyed by India's security forces. The denial of the right of self-determination for the last seven decades raises questions about the conscience of the global community and UN.

Pakistan missions in UAE observe Kashmir black day