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Space Has Never Sounded Scarier Than On NASA's Halloween Playlist

31 October 2017

Some of NASA's spacecrafts are capable of capturing radio emissions and scientists convert these to sound waves - the results sometimes being spooky sounds of the cosmos.

The US space agency has put together a SoundCloud playlist of eerie sounds from space and it's sure to send shivers up your spine. That may very well be the case, but that doesn't mean space isn't filled with an abundance of unusual sounds in the form of radio bursts, electromagnetic pulses, solar wind, charged particle bursts and other celestial emissions.

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The audio files were taken from planets, a comet and plasma waves.

NASA's Juno probe zips around Jupiter every few weeks at speeds of up to 130,000 miles per hour, plowing through all kinds of invisible fields in the process. The soundtracks come from celestial bodies including Jupiter and Saturn, as well as many different types of stars. The waves are electric and magnetic fields moving through the ions and electrons that compose the plasma.

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Whatever the case, turning the data into audio makes it sound like screams trying to break through from an ethereal plane.

NASA image from 8 October 2014 show active regions on the Sun that give it a very jack-o'-lantern-like appearance.

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"Saturn's Radio Emissions" were recorded with the Cassini spacecraft, which recently plunged into the planet's atmosphere, bringing its long mission to an end. These auroras are similar to Earth's northern and southern lights. The whistling emission is the sound of lightning moving away from the planet and into the magnetized plasma above. However, the noises were actually a spacecraft being struck by dust particles and rocks from the comet Tempel 1 back in 2011.

Space Has Never Sounded Scarier Than On NASA's Halloween Playlist