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These Xbox 360 games coming for One X launch

26 October 2017

First announced at E3 this year, and with not much else said since then, OG Xbox backwards compatibility is finally going to come to Xbox One this week, as first reported by IGN.

The fan-first feature has evolved from an experiment conducted by two separate Microsoft Research teams into a service planned for Xbox One's launch-complete with hardware hooks baked into the Durango silicon-until the well-publicized changes to the Xbox One policies (namely, stripping out the always-online requirement for the console) forced it to be pushed to the back burner.

Severe thunderstorm risk Monday night, damaging wind and tornadoes possible
Duke Energy reported that power was still out for more than 69,000 customers as of early Tuesday afternoon. Then the storm moved north-northeast heading toward the city of Spartanburg.

Reddit users also found the same lineup above via leaked listings, although user Krvavi_Abadas notes that the pages in which these games appear are unfinished, and their interaction with the Xbox One ecosystem either goes nowhere or invokes a glitch. They will be on the Xbox One store tomorrow, October 24, so you won't have to wait very long to get your retro Xbox fix. Each one has 1080p resolution, faster loading times, and higher/smoother frame rates.

Black BloodRayne 2 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Dead to Rights Fuzion Frenzy Grabbed by the Ghoulies Ninja Gaiden Black Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Psychonauts Red Faction 2 Sid Meier's Pirates! Notice the sharper textures and improved aliasing. Starting with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One has steadily added to its library, and this week marks a big jump. After that, the game will automatically download to their hard drive. Here's the full list that will be supported on launch day.

IPhone X available for pre-orders starting October 27
A survey by brokerage firm Bernstein concludes that the demand for the iPhone X would be substantial but not exceptional. The Uncarrier says this iPhone upgrade option is a one-time perk provided to iPhone 8 , 8 Plus , and X owners for free.

Any games which supported System Link can still be hooked up and played, even across console generations.

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Apple Pay arrives in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UAE
That includes the hotly anticipated iPhone X, which arrives in stores next month with a hefty price-tag of $999. You can find out more information about Apple's mobile payment system over at their website at the link below.

These Xbox 360 games coming for One X launch