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DHS Ends Protected Immigration Status For 5K Nicaraguans

08 November 2017

Alianza Americas, a network of immigrant organizations, said ending TPS for Nicaraguans was a "shameful" decision that ignores their contributions to the United States. "They are hardworking individuals who have substantial roots in this country and have made contributions to our society and local economies". Over the years, many countries' TPS designations have been regularly renewed, while others have lost them under Democratic and Republican presidents. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke said additional information was needed before deciding whether to revoke or extend TPS for an estimated 57,000 Hondurans, which is now set to expire July 5, 2018.

"Every 16 hours there is a woman killed in Honduras", said Oscar Chacón from the Alianza Américas, stating the country remains one of the most risky places in the world.

In March, DHS extended TPS for Haiti by six months, although many interpreted this move as a sign that they opposed the program and would be terminating it this fall.

Rather than ending TPS, the advocates from an array of agencies said, it was time for Congress to develop a legislative plan to allow Nicaraguans, Hondurans and others to remain in the USA permanently in the name of family unity and because they play vital roles in building American society. The Post reports the decision was keenly observed by the roughly 200,000 Salvadorans (here following 2001 earthquakes) and 50,000 Haitians (2010 quake) whose own TPS designation expires in 2018; the latter group will learn their fate by November 23, reports Politico. The administration has also canceled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and sharply cut the number of refugees eligible for resettlement in the United States, amid other efforts to limit immigration.

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TPS was established by Congress through the Immigration Act of 1990.

"We are looking at the fact that temporary protected status means temporary, and it has not been temporary for many years", DHS spokesman David Lapan said earlier this month.

Trump officials say previous administrations have disregarded immigration laws for too long, and they said Monday's decision was one signal that the era of automatic renewals for TPS recipients has ended. Nicaraguan immigrants, who have lived in the United States for almost two decades, will have 12 months to leave their homes.

"Although they were born here, we want to keep our children with us", she said.

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"They have roots in this country". "That will send them underground, and make them subject to all sorts of abuses, but also without being able to contribute to the economy in the way they have been".

"I'm not leaving. No matter what, I'm not leaving" said Osario, who has been in the USA for 26 years, the last 19 as a TPS holder.

"My kids deserve to live in their home country", said Osorio, who works at the Walt Disney resort in Orlando. "As a mother, I am concerned for my family's well-being", she said.

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DHS Ends Protected Immigration Status For 5K Nicaraguans