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Dream Chaser passes a big milestone with a successful glide test landing

14 November 2017

The testing showcased the Dream Chaser's aerodynamic properties as well as flight software and control system performance.

During the last two years, SNC has worked to reconfigure the Dream Chaser to make it cargo-only spacecraft, after losing out as entrants in Nasa's commercial crew competition to build spacecraft that would see humans travel to low-Earth orbit and back.

This weekend's free-flight test was the second one that Sierra Nevada has done with Dream Chaser.

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Yesterday, November 12, in the United States of America private Corporation Sierra Nevada told the public about the successful completion of the tests reusable spaceship Dream Chaser.

Dream Chaser made a landing at a USA air force base Edwards, which is located in the Mojave desert in California. Right now, two companies - SpaceX and Orbital ATK - hold contracts with NASA to periodically resupply the station through 2018. The flight was a final funded milestone in the Space Act Agreement that Sierra Nevada Corporation has with NASA as part of the agency's Commercial Crew Integrated Capability effort. They're created to be used 15 or more times and have autonomous launch, flight and landing capabilities, according to Sierra Nevada Corp.

The company is planning both a manned version for astronauts and an unmanned version for cargo, both of which would be launched atop an expendable rocket.

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Sierra Nevada Corporation said the test was a success and pledged to give more details on Monday. The craft has been in the works for more than 10 years and in 2016 the company was awarded the contract to transport cargo to and from the ISS for NASA.

The Dream Chaser last flew in 2013, but a problem with its left landing gear meant it had a hard touchdown, which caused the plane to skid off the runway and sustain minor damage. The Dream Chaser from Sierra Nevada offers more reliable landings than the other two now offer.

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Dream Chaser passes a big milestone with a successful glide test landing