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Eminem And Beyonce Collab On The Rapper's Comeback Song 'Walk On Water'

12 November 2017

The song doesn't just rely on Eminem's star power though, global phenomenon joins the rapper to deliver an emotional chorus.

Before the release of the new song, the rapper tweeted a video that features a spokesperson who announces: 'Tomorrow, noon Eastern time, 9 a.m.

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Roem, 33, is now also set to make history as the first openly transgender person to be elected and seated in a state legislature. Roem has become the first openly transgender person to serve in the House of Delegates after defeating Republican incumbent Del.

Eminem, the top-selling rapper of all time who earned his fame on the back of aggressive beats and lightning-quick rhymes, is accompanied nearly entirely by piano and strings on the new track, "Walk on Water".

It's been four long years since Eminem last released an album so everyone hip hop fans attention is laser focused on him.

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Veteran's Day is Saturday and businesses all over east Idaho are using the occasion to offer freebies and deals for our vets. Many restaurants are celebrating Veterans Day by giving veterans and active duty military members free food or drinks.

Revival is expected to be released on Friday, Nov. 17; Eminem is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live the following evening, Nov. 18, and is expected to perform new cuts off the just-released album. We hear his struggle as he shows us what it's like to have such high expectations for everything he does. Is it the bar I set? "Always in search of the verse that I haven't spit yet", he raps. "The rhyme has to be flawless, the delivery flawless/And it always feels like I'm hitting the mark/'Till I go sit in the auto, listen, and pick it apart". He shared a photo of the track's title scrawled on a piece of medical prescription paper alongside the words, "Take as needed".

The website for the drug provides further hints that Revival could be the name of Eminem's new album, saying that "REVIVAL could be music to your ears".

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The group said the gap expanded to 26 percent for women of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin and to 24 percent for women of African origin.

Eminem And Beyonce Collab On The Rapper's Comeback Song 'Walk On Water'