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Is There Really a Christmas Tree Shortage this Year?

28 November 2017

Bob Morrison, the owner of the Caywood Christmas Tree Farm in Marietta says it takes eight to 10 years to get the trees to a sellable height.

Holiday Hill will be open until Christmas.

"I think it's just more Christmasy, and they feel more excited about it", said Sulligent, AL resident, Cindy Hughes.

Now you just have to go out and find the tree you want to invite into your home.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released the video showing a side-by-side comparison of two trees on fire: One that had been watered and one that was dry.

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- Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit.

- Get rid of the tree after Christmas. The Nordmann, by its very nature, is a wide variety with a wide skirt around the base. "They like the experience.We've had families that their kids have grown up and their kids have come back", said Kazery. "It was the first one we came to". "They're kind of the best", said Gabriel Maki, a tree and shrub manager at Swanson's Nursery in Ballard.

"Last year about five percent".

Let's be honest a grand is seeming pretty pricey for a whole new tree, so we reckon hooking your old tree to the ceiling should do the trick nicely.

Purchasing a real tree, decorating it, and placing it in your home gives you more of a sense of being outdoors, Absher said, and it helps the environment.

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"You also have to consider whether you want something highly scented, which might steer you towards a Fraser fir".

All of Absher's trees are freshly cut upon selling, and he brings in more as they get sold off the lot. NCTA projects the average customer will spend about $82.20 for a real tree this year. Trees should be checked daily to make sure the water doesn't go below the bottom of trunk. Look for a tree that has good green color.

In saying this, the maintenance has still taken just as long.

Absher said he has been selling his trees since 1990.

If the only spot for your tree is by a radiator, you have to accept that it's going to dry out.

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Most tree farms have their evergreens planted in plots by species and age of the trees, which grow about a foot a year.

Is There Really a Christmas Tree Shortage this Year?