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Jimmy Kimmel, Channing Tatum Play Halloween-Candy Prank on Their Kids

03 November 2017

"The first time you were on the show, you showed me the flexibility of your spine", DeGeneres said, recalling of Tatum's first visit to her show.

'Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it, ' Kimmel insisted.

Kimmel's daughter took it a little better stating, "What?"

The second she hears the bad news she mopes over to her mother, who is filming the whole ordeal, and buries her face into her legs in despair. "I'm sorry baby. I hope you forgive me someday for that!" While Channing apologized, stating: "You're right, that really was not amusing".

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After Tatum told his preschooler that the candy is gone, Everly turned her back on her father and started to cry while grabbing onto mama Jenna Dewan Tatum's legs.

"I have to tell you something", Kimmel tells Jane. Instead of having viewers film their kids' reactions after telling them they ate all their candy, Tatum had Kimmel pull the prank - on his own daughter!

Tatum found his daughters tears so heartbreaking that he eventually came clean, but Everly didn't want to let him off easy. While serving as Jimmy Kimmel Live's guest host, the Magic Mike actor showed a video of him pranking his four-year-old daughter Everly.

DeGeneres asked Tatum how his father took the news, to which he replied, "Not well - I mean really, really not well".

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As his daughter sits on the floor, Channing comes in and says "I'm sorry but I ate all your candy".

"What?! Uh-oh. I still have one, don't worry", Jane said as she still found one piece of candy left.

Not the Swedish Fish!? 'I only ate Skittles, and M&Ms, and Kit Kats, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, gum, and the eyeballs, and the Twizzlers, and the lollipops'.

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Jimmy Kimmel, Channing Tatum Play Halloween-Candy Prank on Their Kids