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On account of Donald trump made an attempt on Twitter

05 November 2017

The rogue Twitter employee hailed as a social media hero for shutting down the President's account was hired as a contract worker, according to new reports. But the outage also sparked discussion of the security of Trump's account. Critics say the president should be more careful of what he says, while the White House says the account gives him unfiltered access to his supporters.

The as yet unidentified Twitter employee probably committed a crime shutting down Trump's Twitter account, but I hope he's not in any serious trouble.

But the company did not provide a reason for the employee's actions but said it is taking measures to ensure similar incidents could not occur. Trump has used Twitter to announce policies.

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In Twitter posts, the Republican president linked Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to a visa program. Condemning the attack, United States president Donald Trump said "we must not allow ISIS to return".

"Through our investigation, we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee's last day", it said. "What if they instead had tweeted fake messages?"

By Friday Morning, Trump responded to the situation by deeming the person responsible a "rogue" employee.

Mr Trump has regularly used his Twitter account to post controversial comments about his political rivals in the USA and overseas, as well as on contentious issues.

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"We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again", Twitter said in a statement.

But the temporary disappearance of the account ─ and the glee this prompted among the president's detractors ─ drew fire from others.

After the account was restored Trump did not tweet about the vanishing act, but made several posts on other topics.

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On account of Donald trump made an attempt on Twitter