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#OutOfOffice: How women are marking Equal Pay Day

11 November 2017

Global strategic advisor, Rita Trehan, explains:"Equal Pay Day means that effectively, women are working for free for the rest of the year - that's how big the pay gap remains between and women".

Women in Ireland earn 14 per cent less than men with the gender pay gap growing in recent years, according to the Central Statistics Office.

"We need to wake up to the fact that a culture which tolerates or even fosters sexual harassment isn't going to pay women properly either, and we know that younger women are particularly likely to experience harassment", said Smethers.

As a self-employed gardener, Natasha Ransom, 36, from North Thanet, is not office based so she left an "out of office" voicemail on her phone instead after looking up the gender pay gap in her area and finding it sits at 20.9%.

The full-time pay gap in the United Kingdom is 14.1% and if you factor in part-time work, the vast majority of which is done by women, it leaps to a shocking 18.4%.

The group said the gap expanded to 26 percent for women of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin and to 24 percent for women of African origin.

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The Fawcett Society, the United Kingdom based organization which works for gender equality and women's rights has mentioned that same like 2016 this year also the world will celebrate the "Equal Pay Day" on the same date.

Gender equality campaigners The Fawcett Society warned that progress on pay equality had stalled for three years, after a long period of improvement.

Our pay gap is another national scandal that is not well understood.

'We represent the women who are being paid unfairly and often not being paid at all - either for their domestic labour or care duties - or because they have been fired for getting pregnant. While Wales (8.3%) and Scotland (11.1%) fall below the United Kingdom average, London has the largest gap at 20.7%.

'The work women do, the industries they work in, and the caring responsibilities they generally shoulder are not valued by our society - not enough to pay them a fair wage.

We need to pay the minimum wage at real living wage rates to help the lowest paid, and we need to do much more to tackle the segregation in our schools, colleges and workplaces.

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Where Is This "Pay Gap"?

The government is also encouraging companies to publish an "action plan" alongside their figures, outlining steps they will take to close the gender pay gap within their organisation.

With all the intelligence we have in the world, the gender pay gap is a solvable - and should be a solved - problem.

"All employers need to take a long hard look at their workplace culture".

The Fawcett Society also suggest mandatory gender pay reporting for larger employers, equal parental leave, and encuraging businesses to audit the nature as well as the pay of their work, to "make sure men and women are paid equal pay for work of equal value".

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#OutOfOffice: How women are marking Equal Pay Day