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Bungie pulls tonight's livestream to confront Destiny 2 criticism

01 December 2017

"Going forward", reads a statement from game directors Luke Smith and Chris Barrett. Although the studio presumably hopes to revive interest in the game with Curse of Osiris - which is scheduled to launch December 5, one week from today - numerous most hardcore Guardians have been stewing for weeks about what they see as Destiny 2's fundamental problems.

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But relations between Bungie and the community were stretched to the breaking point by the recent discovery that Destiny 2 was misleading players about the amount of experience points they were earning - a tactic that many people interpreted as yet another way the game subtly pushes players to spend money on microtransactions. However, there has been growing unrest within the player base over the last couple of weeks, so instead of an expansion livestream, Bungie will be looking to address the state of the game and its plan to address XP and progression.

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Masterworks are Legendary weapons that have been upgraded. There are also improved vendor rewards, adding new ways to acquire items with shards and tokens, and armor ornaments that add new types of visual customization without the need for spending shaders. More fixes and adjustments are on the way as Destiny fans patiently await the upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris. Later in the month, a heroic strike playlist and more generous rewards will encourage more strike play.

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January will bring better incentives to complete prestige activities - though details on those aren't yet specific. Bungie has a small window before then to appease Destiny 2 players and show them it's committed to fixing the game's flaws, perceived or otherwise. Private and ranked PVP will be coming to the game sometime early next year. The community wants an explanation for all of the above, a specific timetable for when things will improve, and hopefully some insight on why Bungie has stumbled trying to address everything so far.

Bungie pulls tonight's livestream to confront Destiny 2 criticism