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Is Elon Musk Launching his auto into Space? Likely

04 December 2017

That is, as Musk notes, assuming the Falcon Heavy actually makes it into space.

"Payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity", Musk tweeted.

It will also be twice as powerful as the next largest rocket now in use in this country.

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Billionaire technology magnate Elon Musk plans to launch a Tesla Roadster to Mars next month with it blaring David Bowie on the stereo.

Once the rocket is assembled and rolled out to Pad 38A, it will have to undergo a "static fire" test before getting a final "go" for launch.

Musk, the CEO of both SpaceX and electric vehicle company Tesla, said the Falcon Heavy would be launched with the aim of putting its payload in orbit around Mars. Company executives previously spoke of how hard it is to build such a large rocket-powered by three Falcon 9 cores, meaning it has thrice the thrust of original Falcon 9. "Will be in deep space for a billion years or so if it doesn't blow up on ascent".

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The first flight of the Falcon Heavy is expected to launch in January of 2018, a bit of a delay from its initial 2013 launch date. The stronger force the Falcon Heavy will allow the company to perform missions beyond the low orbit area of Earth.

While it would be marvelous to see SpaceX's heavy-lift rocket carry a Tesla to Mars next month, it may be best to limit our expectations. Musk is hopeful it actually makes it up into the air, partly because his auto may (or may not) be part of the Falcon Heavy's initial cargo. The spacecraft from these initial missions will also serve as the beginnings of SpaceX's first Mars base where they will build a thriving city and gradually a self-sustaining civilization on the planet. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk has claimed that the Falcon Heavy rocket's first trip to space will accompany a Tesla Roadster into space.

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Is Elon Musk Launching his auto into Space? Likely