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OnePlus 5, 5T not able to play Netflix videos in HD

12 December 2017

Lack of support for HD streaming is an odd omission for such an impressive device, so we are hoping that OnePlus will be able to address it with the software update sooner.

Here's something interesting: it seems OnePlus' latest "flagship killer" is unable to stream video in HD from popular streaming services. It only comes with Widevine Level 3 DRM, which allows for just SD streaming.

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Netflix makes use of Google's Widevine DRM to play content. OnePlus devices now are certified for the L3 security level - which doesn't allow users to playback content at higher resolutions. "I am massively surprised this has not been brought up in reviews/not had a bigger fuss made about as this is completely unacceptable for a brand that is now well established!", a frustrated user wrote on the OnePlus community forums.

It was pointed out that the device lacks the Widevine L1 Certification required to be able to watch HD content from DRM protected services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Google Play Movies. It was the same user who confirmed that the YouTube app didn't face any issue with playing HD videos.

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The OnePlus 5T features a longer display. As Android Police explains, level 1 requires that content processing and control operations, which are meant to protect the copyright holder, happen in a "Trusted Execution Environment", which isn't implemented on the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

Unfortunately this surprising limitation also affects its predecessor, the OnePlus 5. Until OnePlus releases a fix, the users of both the phones will have to stick with SD streaming even thought the phone sports a striking 1080p AMOLED panel. It only streams videos in standard definition and doesn't support streaming in HD. This makes the current OnePlus 5 and 5T devices to be the first to come with L1 support, when it does, that is, as the Chinese manufacturer promised.

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OnePlus 5, 5T not able to play Netflix videos in HD