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Katie Nolan Warned, Not Suspended by ESPN ... For Trump Attack

07 January 2018

ESPN viewers quickly took to social media questioning the company's position on Nolan's comments.

While appearing on Viceland's talk show "Desus and Mero", the 30-year-old sports talker called POTUS a "f-ing stupid person".

Less than three months into her ESPN tenure, Katie Nolan already is testing boundaries at a network that desperately wants its personalities to stick to sports.

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The Nolan brouhaha is just the latest in a litany of bad press for the sports network.

The summit came on the heels of ESPN's Jemele Hill calling President Donald Trump a White Supremacist and calling for people to boycott advertisers of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys after he threatened to not play anyone who dared to disrespect the National Anthem. One of her offenses was for criticizing Trump.

That vague statement doesn't necessarily mean that Nolan hasn't been suspended or punished, as ESPN does not make all of its disciplinary actions public. It did revise its social media guidelines, imploring its staff to steer clear of politics.

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TMZ reported that Nolan will not be suspended for making the comment.

In the fall, ESPN implemented new social media guidelines for its staff stating that employees should avoid "personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric" and 'refrain from overt partisanship or endorsement of particular candidates, politicians and political parties, ' Sporting News reported.

Here's the Nolan/Viceland video.

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At ESPN, apparently anything goes as long as the vitriol is directed at President Trump.

Katie Nolan Warned, Not Suspended by ESPN ... For Trump Attack