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NFL to 'look into' whether Raiders violated Rooney Rule

12 January 2018

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation has asked the National Football League to investigate the team's hiring process to determine whether or not the Rooney Rule was violated.

With the Raiders descending so fast on a white candidate, the team is in hot water over whether it violated the "Rooney Rule".

The development comes a day after the Fitz Pollard Alliance, an advocacy group that promotes diversity in NFL front offices and coaching staffs, asked the league to investigate whether the Raiders potentially reached an agreement with Gruden before interviewing minority candidates. The team has brought in Jon Gruden as Jack Del Rio's successor and the one-time Super Bowl champion has some plans for quarterback Derek Carr.

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At the press conference announcing his hiring, Gruden said he had filled all three coordinator positions with Greg Olson (offense), Paul Guenther (defense) and Rich Bisaccia (special teams). Everyone did. To say otherwise would be disingenuous. But now logistics and semantics are coming into play as speculation mounts about whether the duo were used as window dressing to mask a decision the Raiders brain trust had already made beforehand.

The Raiders were in a no-win spot. Before firing Del Rio, they wanted to get a read on if Gruden would leave a cushy job in the booth to coach the Raiders. There was no way for the Raiders to go about hiring Gruden and also satisfy the Rooney Rule to the spirit for which it was intended. Nobody was. Gruden was the top candidate, if he was available. One, the Raiders claim they adhered to the letter of the Rooney Rule.

Of the 28 teams that now have a head coach, only seven are minorities, as classified by the Rooney Rule. There are situations in which the Rooney Rule will look like a joke.

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The Raiders were stuck, to a degree.

They weren't going from "giving Jon Gruden $100 million" to "hiring a college offensive coordinator who wasn't qualified to land the college coaching job at his alma mater amidst the most public and embarrassing search in the last half decade".

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NFL to 'look into' whether Raiders violated Rooney Rule