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Sony's Venom movie releases its first image

12 January 2018

The director told fans which comics he was following for the film (Venom: Lethal Protector, Planet of the Symbiotes), what it was like on set, what the new film will be like, and to talk up lead Tom Hardy. This obviously confirms that the Life Foundation is the primary antagonist in the story. In the comics, the Life Foundation was introduced as a shady government body who believed that the Cold War would result in a widespread nuclear holocaust.

Tom plays the role of Eddie Brock/Venom in the movie. Their wealthy, powerful clientele aim to emerge from their shelter to build a new society post-apocalypse.

Although much has been teased about Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Venom, most of the plot had been left to speculation and has really been kept under wraps. Attendees of the Brazil Comic-Con got the first info from director Ruben Fleischer as he talked to them from the Venom set.

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The second entry in Brock's notebook reads: "What about the allegations your empire is built on?".

Based on previous reports, the film will be based on two major Venom story arcs. My best guess is that it says something along these lines: "That you recruit the most vulnerable of us to volunteer for the tests that more often do not end up.?"

The question is though, will fans get to see the five symbiotes in the Venom movie, or will they have to wait for Scream, Agony, Phage, Riot, and Lasher to appear in the film's sequel?

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That's pretty straightforward. Perhaps Brock is interviewing Life Foundation boss Carlton Drake in this scene?

So will the movie see Venom as an existing symbiote that the Life Foundation uses as the basis for its own horrifying monsters?

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Sony's Venom movie releases its first image