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AMP Stories will Bring Snapchat-Inspired News Format to Google Search Results

14 February 2018

If someone searching for a publisher participating in the project on a desktop, Google directs the searcher to a mobile device and URL to view AMP Stories in search. In a sense, it's exactly like Google Search, but the underlying pages are mobile-optimized, really fast and use a fraction of the data and bandwidth that normal web pages would. Perhaps it's time for that meme to make a resurgence, because stories are headed to a new, rather high-profile place: Google's mobile search results. 'Today, we're bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of "AMP for Email,"' explains Gmail product manager Aakash Sahney in the company's announcement. They're supposed to deliver "immersive" stories to mobile readers across a range of content categories.

According to Google, starting today, users can see AMP stories on Google Search.

His West Wing rattled, Trump casts doubt on aide's exit
The FBI informed the White House of these charges, which held up Mr Porter's application for a permanent security clearance. Reuters has not independently confirmed the allegations against Porter, or against Trump.

Google will soon release the feature to other publishers.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it was started as an open source publishing project to speed up mobile webpages. Today Google said AMP is merely meant to make the mobile web more accessible to developers, claiming small publishers face challenges in building high-performance content. This format also attracts young generation through this story format as Google has adopted this style from Snapchat and everyone knows that Snapchat has mostly young users under its umbrella. AMP for Email is open, so other email clients can use it as well, the post said. Google envisions the feature to be beneficial to users because developers can embed widgets in emails that are constantly up-to-date and include actionable functions that work without leaving your inbox. While Google is in the process of building support for ads, the company didn't disclose a time frame.

Police Say a Woman Abandoned Her Newborn Baby in an Airport Bathroom
Authorities have now released the heartbreaking note the baby's mother left on top of him when she left the airport. The woman abandoned the newborn in a bathroom at the airport on Sunday, Jan. 14.

Interacting with email could be noticeably different within a few months. But instead of your friends' photos popping up, you'll find content from trusted publishers. For example, you would browse and click on images on an email from Pinterest as you would from Pinterest's website.

Leadership row embroils Angela Merkel's coalition partners ahead of key vote
Schulz has also been criticized by fellow SPD politician and current Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel for pursuing the post. After initially declining a new coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, the party accepted it last week.

AMP Stories will Bring Snapchat-Inspired News Format to Google Search Results