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Arizona woman wakes up with British accent

15 February 2018

Michelle Myers was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.

A woman in Arizona has fallen asleep and woken up with a foreign accent - three times in her life.

In this current episode, however, the British accent has persisted for about two years, she said. Her condition is called Foreign Accent Syndrome.

So when she one day addressed her family with a British accent, despite spending her life in Texas and Arizona, everyone took it as a joke. She had two earlier bouts with the disorder, once speaking with an Australian accent and the other an Irish accent.

FAS is known to cause a person to speak with foreign intonation while still speaking their native language.

Three times in the past seven years, Myers has gone to sleep with blinding headaches only to wake up with a different accent.

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Curiously, the woman, identified as Astrid the journal, was able to hum well-known sounds in cadence, but it was her speech that showed discordant rhythm. Best her doctors can tell, it also turned her British.

In May 2015, Myers was rushed to the emergency room due to severe headache that lasted for days. Her family, including her seven children, helped her. After that incident, Myers was diagnosed with FAS.

Health professionals told Meyers that patients with Foreign Accent Syndrome often have underlying health issues, such as neurological damage or strokes.

Myers's situation is especially peculiar since her accent doesn't sound like a speech disruption-on the contrary, it comes across as quite refined.

Myers suggests her diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which caused her chronic pain from childhood into adulthood, could have triggered her accent change.

"Who would do this for attention?"

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"Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins", Myers told KNXV-TV.

A United States woman woke up one morning with a British accent and has had it ever since due to a rare medical condition. She felt like a different person and it took her some time to define her identity.

But she's not insane and she's not faking it, according to her doctors. According to doctors, this condition, although extremely rare, is indeed real.

This rare condition was first recorded by French neurologist Pierre Marie in 1907 after a man in Paris spoke a local German dialect after suffering a stroke.

Speech changes such as consonant substitution, voicing errors, vowel distortions, and prolongations are associated with FAS.

In 2016, Lisa Alamia, a Rosenberg woman started sounding British after waking up from jaw surgery.

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"I believe everything happens for a reason, so, maybe this happened because it helps me to break the ice with people", she said.

Arizona woman wakes up with British accent