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Doctors at a Mumbai hospital remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumour

23 February 2018

Santlal Pal, a shopkeeper from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, had been living with the tumour for three years before his surgery was carried out.

Pal was admitted to the department of neurosurgery with swelling under the scalp, heaviness, headache and complete blindness in both eyes on February 1. Prior to the surgery, three hospitals had told Pal that the tumor was inoperable, his wife Manju told the BBC.

The tumor had been growing on Pal's head for three years now, and suddenly became so massive over the past year.

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Surgeons in India successfully removed what they think is the largest brain tumor in record, weighing in at 4 pounds.

"Such large tumors are rare and are a surgical challenge", Dr. Trimurti Nadkarni, the lead surgeon, told news service SWNS. Doctors said the tumour had cost Mr. Pal his vision, but hoped he would gradually regain his eyesight.

A dailywage labourer with a head tumour measuring 30 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm - so large it seemed "like a head on top of another head" - was operated upon in Mumbai's BYL Nair Hospital on February 14.

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In 2008, doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi had removed a brain tumor, which was 78 cubic inches, or the size of two baseballs, from a woman. Mr. Pal is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit and in stable condition. Only about 10 percent of the tumor developed inside the skull.

Santlal Pal, flanked by a relative and a surgeon after the brain tumor was removed.

. "The weight of a similar case reported earlier was 1.4 kgs", he said.Along with the tumour, even the affected skull bone was also removed during the surgery and they are awaiting the final medical reports to ascertain if it was benign or cancerous, he added. Explaining the high-risk surgery, Dr Nadkarni said the patient required transfusion of 11 units of blood.

Scans revealed the tumor had invaded the patient's brain on both sides of the midline through his skull bone. In these situations your doctor removes as much of the tumour as is safe.

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Doctors at a Mumbai hospital remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumour