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Fortnite Battle Royale competitive season details coming soon

18 March 2018

Starting today, the game will be available to iOS users - which means anyone who owns an iPhone will be able to play it. Fortnite developer Epic Games has now started sending out invites for its iOS "Invite Event".

The mobile iOS version of Fortnite is now live on the App Store and invites are on their way! This roll out will continue slowly over the next couple of weeks, and then the publisher should launch Fortnite in the App Store proper for anyone who wants it. From new game modes (20 x 5 team modes) to console ports (PC, XB1, iOS), Epic Games has refused to sit idly by.

Video game phenomenons come along like clockwork, especially on mobile.

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If you had any fears about Fortnite: Battle Royale not playing well on mobile, you can probably rest easy.

Considering the game's cartoony aesthetic it will be interesting to see how much of a concern it could be on relatively weaker-specced iOS devices like the iPhone 6s.

Once you've been accepted into the game, you'll receive an email from Epic Games where you can activate your account and subsequently log into the Fortnite app on iOS. Let's take a close look at how Fortnite is adapting to bring in more players to their already popular title while also analyzing how the two titles have diverged with their popular player-bases.

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Once you are logged in, you may have to wait a bit in the queue. You can even download the game (for free, naturally) but you can't actually play it at the moment, so that way lies potential misery.

Given the game's already high popularity, Fortnite has created a waitlist to ensure their servers can handle the constant influx of gamers. So at 2GB download, best not waste the space and mobile data if you don't actually have the capacity to play it. An Android version is also in the works, but it's coming later, and Epic has not said if there will be a beta for this version or not.

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Fortnite Battle Royale competitive season details coming soon