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La Liga to Use VAR Starting Next Season

04 March 2018

The game's law-making body the International Football Association Board (Ifab) made a decision to pilot VAR in 2016 and on Saturday is expected to say those experiments have been a success and formally approve its use at a vote in Zurich.

A head of the FIFA World Cup showpiece in Russian Federation, coaches have expressed confidence on Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology likely for adoption for this year's football carnival.

With frozen fans ironically chanting "VAR, VAR, VAR" during the game, Law said it became the "focus of ridicule" and the "VAR Review" message shown on Wembley's big screens was insufficient in terms of communication.

"It's hard for people to argue that if you've got a system which fairly efficiently can correct clear and obvious errors which affect the outcome of matches that we shouldn't use that", he said. Goal-line systems are now used at UEFA's European Championship and in the Premier League.

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"I was extremely sceptical personally on VAR, but we tested it, and I personally came quite a long way".

"If we, or I, can do something to make sure that the World Cup is not decided by a referee's mistakes, then I think it's our duty to do it", he said. Footage from matches at all games at top-flight grounds is already piped into the Stockley Park facility, including more than dozen camera angles.

Only "game-changing incidents" that are clear and obvious are supposed to be referred to the VAR but here we had the farcical situation of the referee continually asking for advice over decisions that may not have been clearcut but which he could easily have taken himself.

VAR has been trialled in some domestic English cup games this season, and has been used in Germany and Italy.

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The International Football Association Boardexternal link (IFAB) statement on Saturday described the move as a "historic step for greater fairness in football". "I don't know why it was referred (to the VAR) in the first place".

VAR has already received considerable flak regarding the delays and stoppages, the potential confusion it can cause, and the undermining of "human" referees.

In others, players have scored goals, the entire stadium has celebrated and the score has flashed on live-scoring websites, only for the incident to be reviewed as the other team is about to re-start the game and the goal annulled.

Football lawmakers have also approved further trials of red and yellow cards for coaches or team officials who behave poorly on the touchline following theIFAB initiative 'Play fair!', aimed at improving behaviour and increasing respect.

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La Liga to Use VAR Starting Next Season