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SPRING AHEAD: How much daylight-saving time trivia do you know?

10 March 2018

Winter may still have a few tricks up its sleeve, but we'll be one step closer to spring when daylight saving time begins this weekend. In the fall, we "fall back" an hour and gain that extra hour of sleep back.

What is clear, is nothing will change in the short term.

As I see it, if DST is going to keep us forever disoriented, why adjust our clocks forward and backward by only one hour? But those that do must follow the federal government's time change schedule - now from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. Daylight saving time is in effect in the USA for eight months of the year, and we'll change our clocks this weekend - but why do it at all? But what would happen if we simply abolished DST and used standard time all year - like Arizona and Hawaii?

I know, right? I don't get this. Writing for Today's Parent, sleep consultant Alanna McGinn advises parents to use blackout curtains to "make bedtime nice and dark".

With more evening daylight hours it's time to start riding in the evenings again.

Arie Luyendyk Could Be Legally Banned From Becca Kufrin's Home State
Runner-up Lauren Burnham was chosen by Arie Luyendyk Jr . on " The Bachelor " after he ditched Minnesota native Becca Kufrin . I know what I want. "I do regret proposing that day because I wasn't fully ready", Arie told Becca.

State Rep. Rick Tillis (R-Lewisburg) recently watched as the House State Government Subcommittee effectively killed his bill on January 18 that would place the entire state under a permanent Eastern Standard Time. It passed by a vote of 103-11 in the Florida House and 33-2 in the Florida Senate and is awaiting their governor's signature. The House passed it on February 14. Bobby Powell, D-West Palm Beach. Citing the confusion surrounding the practice of changing clocks twice a year, writer Allison Schrager proposed in 2013 that the US needs to abandon the practice. Antiquated and unnecessary, daylight saving time officially turns 100 this year. Rep. Rick Tillis, R-Lewisburg, asked the entire state become Eastern Standard Time year round.

Many Canadians either love or hate this ritual, and in Saskatchewan, the central prairie province, they just ignore it, remaining on central standard time year round.

Another industry that pushed hard for extending daylight saving time?

Glenn Jergensen, executive director of Palm Beach County's Tourist Development Council, said the ramifications of the potential change haven't been considered yet by the council. But what about the spring and fall transition seasons when the days aren't quite as long? (And, increasingly, the rolling equipment that farmers use is set up these days to run day and night.) As for farm animals, to paraphrase a recent report on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:" They don't care about the time.

"W$3 hen we have an hour of sunlight after work, Americans tend to go shopping".

Collin Sexton Keeps Alabama's NCAA Tournament Hopes Alive
This buzzer-beater was the flawless way to end this game, which was a back-and-forth affair in the final two minutes. Tyler Davis has averaged 16.0 points, 8.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocks over the last five games for Texas A&M.

The idea of daylight saving was the brainchild of Benjamin Franklin, aka, the "early to be, early to rise" guy, back in 1784.

Debate, however, continues over the pros and cons of the time change.

Granted, they'll have to convince the federal government to go along with their proposal, seeing as how Congress and the Transportation Department control time zones and time changes. States can exempt themselves from participation.

Young explained, "When it comes to kids I think it's important to explain why we do it".

Our research has also revealed that the shift to daylight saving time influences our ability to perceive the moral features of a given situation. There is no such thing as darkness - scientifically "dark" is actually "lack of light". Technically, it starts at 2:00 a.m. ET. Another hour for tailgating, but a later home arrival after the game. That would be pushed an hour to 8:17 a.m. if Florida changed time zones. That would save everyone, well ... more time.

Broadcom dangles 5G promise to save Qualcomm deal
In a statement, Broadcom said the Qualcomm takeover is aimed at increasing the company's focus on 5G cellular technologies. Harm to Qualcomm's innovation would allow China to expand its influence in key wireless technology, the government said.

SPRING AHEAD: How much daylight-saving time trivia do you know?