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Waymo self-driving trucks begin hauling for Google's data centers

11 March 2018

The announcement comes the same week that Uber said its self-driving trucks will begin operating on Arizona highways. During the pilot programme, due to start next week, the self-driving Waymo lorries will carry cargo bound for Google's data centres. Though the goal is for the truck to drive itself, there will be a driver in the cab to monitor systems and take over if there's an emergency.

The trucks have already been tested in Arizona and California and Waymo says its software learned to drive "big rigs in much the same way a human driver would after years of driving passenger cars".

Amid lull, Red Cross delivers aid to Syria's Ghouta
In rebel fire on Friday, a woman and a child were killed by a mortar round that hit the Damascus suburb of Jaramana, SANA said. The Syrian government has reportedly captured the central town of Misraba, and advanced onwards into surrounding farmland.

"This pilot will let us further develop our technology and integrate it into the operations of shippers and carriers, with their network of factories, distribution centers, ports, and terminals", Waymo added. It said that the software is learning to drive trucks in the same way a human would after years of driving a vehicle. As the company explains, the basic principles are the same but driving a semi is harder as the braking, turning radius and blind spots are completely different than on normal passenger cars. During that process, Waymo began collecting data and mapping the metro Atlanta area to safely expand the operations of their self-driving cars. Our self-driving trucks use the same suite of custom-built sensors that power our self-driving minivan. Rival Uber made a similar announcement on Tuesday, saying it is using self-driving semi trucks to augment human-driven rigs in its on-demand trucking service in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Tesla, of course, recently announced an all-electric semi truck with limited self-driving capabilities.

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Paul Manafort last week pleaded not guilty in a related case in Washington, D.C., where he is set to go to trial September 17. But Manafort, a veteran Washington Republican political consultant, has refused to do a deal and will go to trial instead.

The race is heating up to remove the driver and get autonomous freight trucks on the road.

"As we look to the future of innovation and efficiency, self-driving vehicles are at the forefront of enhancing roadway safety and making the transportation of American goods more feasible".

Banaswadi railway station is fully women operated
The idea for an all-woman station was first mooted by CR General Manager D.K Sharma and finally implemented in July 2017. Besides, Matunga Road in Mumbai's busy suburban section will start its operations with an all-woman team from Thursday.

Waymo's trucks will have plenty of competition.

Waymo self-driving trucks begin hauling for Google's data centers