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Humboldt Broncos 'hero' inspires new organ donors

12 April 2018

After speaking with Ms. Jackson, I was joined in the studio by Qiana Crenshaw and Ashley Panahagahi students at Clark-Atlanta University who participated in the LifeLink Foundation Annual Battle for Life Campus Challenge with CAU won previous year by registering 200 people to become organ donors.

One of the Humboldt Broncos players who died in the crash, Logan Boulet, had signed his organ donor card after turning 21 in March and his organs have been used to help save six people, a case that's believed to be behind the increasing numbers.

"Logan gave very clear to his family that he had signed a donor card when he turned 21 a few weeks ago - said Langevin in a posting on Facebook".

The Canadian Press reports that by Monday, April 8, almost 900 people in Alberta had expressed interest in becoming an organ donor, compared to the average of 425 normally seen over a two-day period.

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Allen explains there are a number of myths regarding organ donation that simply aren't true, such as doctors not working as hard to save someone's life if they find out that person is an organ donor.

Its Director warned, "we are concerned that making a legislative change based on poor evidence risks undermining public trust in the organ donation system, and could have serious consequences for rates of organ donation". As representatives of the health sector, registration of potential donors became much more active after Friday's disaster. "The organs and tissues of youngsters are recommended for transplant", he said.

Ronnie Gavsie, president and CEO of the Trillium Gift of Life Network, called Boulet "an example to all Canadians".

"The only thing that gets in the way is procrastination", she said.

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The government is now looking to further improve the supply of donations by introducing an opt-out system for organ donation, meaning it will be assumed that people are willing to donate their organs unless otherwise specified.

"What makes Logan such a hero is that he actually took action", Gavsie said.

Every week, more than 150 people on the national transplant waiting list die because a lifesaving organ is not available.

They want to remind people it only takes one person to save a life. It now has 900 people on the waiting list.

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Humboldt Broncos 'hero' inspires new organ donors