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Last 'Blue Moon' of 2018 Rises Tonight! What to Expect

02 April 2018

The moon will peak Saturday morning.

Contrary to its name, the forecasted lunar event will not actually be blue. And this year, February did not have a full moon.

Two Blue Moons in a year is indeed unique.

In other words, there are 29.5 days between one full moon and the next full moon.

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Whenever there's a 2nd moon in a solitary month, it's usually described as a blue moon.

The complete blue sap moon will not show up in some components of the nation. When ash plumes from an erupting volcano fill the sky, particles strongly scatter red light, allowing blue light that acts like a blue filter pass through the ash clouds. But, in 1883, the moon appeared bluish when the volcano Krakatoa in Indonesia erupted.

Don't miss it! The next blue moon won't come around again until spring 2019. The Blue Moon was the third full moon during a season that had four full moons. "Squeezing a second full moon into a calendar month doesn't change the physical properties of the moon itself, so the color remains the same".

Both the January and March 2018 Blue Moons are blue in name only.

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The first Blue Moon of 2018 happened this January and marked a spectacular celestial event dubbed the Super Blue "Blood" Moon due to its handsome coppery red color.

This event was dubbed "The Double Blue Moon of 1999" - and, like this year, also occured because there was no full moon in February. The result is that the moon appears 30 percent brighter than usual and 14 percent bigger than a normal full moon, according to NASA Science Beta.

The moon shifts a few degrees each night, giving skywatchers a clear view of a string of planets.

On Jan. 31, 2037, another total eclipse of the blue moon is expected.

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The 2nd moon of the month is readied to show up overhead Saturday early morning in the U.S., making it a blue moon. It's readied to end up being complete at 8:36 a.m. EDT, whereby time the moon will certainly have established as well as the sunlight will certainly have climbed on the East Coastline.

Last 'Blue Moon' of 2018 Rises Tonight! What to Expect