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Lawsuit: Ancestry DNA test reveals woman's biological father was parents' fertility doctor

07 April 2018

Gizmodo notes that, upon receipt of the results of the ancestry test, Ms Rowlette was baffled by the inclusion of Gerald Mortimer, but she didn't know who he was right off the bat.

Mainly, the lawsuit asserts that Mortimer knowingly used his own sperm to impregnate Rowlette's mother.

Her parents, Sally Ashby and Howard Fowler, had agreed to use a "cocktail" of donor sperm containing 85 percent of Fowler's "genetic material" and sperm from an anonymous college student donor, CNN reports.

After agreeing to pay Dr. Mortimer to perform the specified procedure, Dr. Mortimer collected genetic material from Mr. Fowler to perform the procedure over several sessions.

In the lawsuit, Ms Rowlette claims that the doctor was aware of using his own sperm as a donor, but her mother was never informed.

Rowlette was shocked by her DNA test results.

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Ms Roulette was conceived via artificial insemination in the 1980s.

In 1980, Ashby and Fowler chose to resort to artificial insemination, using a combination of Fowler's sperm and that of an unknown person who supposedly matched their requested traits.

"She mentioned the confusing results to Ms. Ashby and relayed her disappointment in the unreliability of the service she had thought she was getting from", the lawsuit says.

The family filed the lawsuit in Idaho last week, accusing both parties of medical negligence, fraud, battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract, according to NPR.

The doctor, Gerald Mortimer, had consulted with Rowlette's parents when they were having trouble conceiving in 1980.

The former gynecologist remained Ashby's doctor until she and her small family moved to Washington several years later. "Mr. Fowler was also devastated by the news", the lawsuit states, explaining that the parents "painfully labored" over whether they should tell their daughter.

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But Rowlette later found her birth certificate with his signature, it is claimed.

We knew that Dr. Mortimer worked in Idaho Falls in southeast Idaho as an OB/GYN. has attempted to contact Kelli Rowlette and Dr Mortimer for comment.

"However with this, people may learn of unexpected connections".

A 1993 wire article in The New York Times reported that a doctor used his own sperm to inseminate women and tricked others into believing that they were pregnant. Though the name was foreign to her, horrifyingly to Rowlette's parents, it was a name that they recognized nearly all too well. "Anyone who takes a test can change their DNA matching settings at any time, meaning that if they opt-out, their profile and relationship will not be visible to other customers", the statement said. He received a one-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to two charges of obstruction of justice, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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Lawsuit: Ancestry DNA test reveals woman's biological father was parents' fertility doctor