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Legendary boxer, Jack Johnson, could get pardon from Trump in historic case

23 April 2018

Donald Trump shared a tweet on Saturday declaring that he's considering a pardon for boxer Jack Johnson after Sylvester Stallone reached out to him to make the request.

Trump says he was prompted to pardon Johnson after receiving a call from Sylvester Stallone. "His trials and tribulations were great, his life complex and controversial", Trump said. ".I am considering a Full Pardon!".

Johnson, born in Galveston, Texas, was the target of racial resentment, particularly after he defeated white boxer James Jeffries in the 1910 "Fight of the Century", a bout that sparked race riots. The Mann Act prohibits transporting women across state lines for "immoral" purposes. The Mann Act purported to prevent human trafficking for the goal of prostitution, but critics have argued it was applied inconsistently to criminalize African Americans and those with dissenting political views. He died in a vehicle crash 1946 at the age of 68.

It may have taken decades but it might finally be coming.

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The jury convicted Johnson in less than two hours.

Jackson fled the country to escape prison but returned in 1920 to serve his sentence, spending ten months in prison. Most recently, he pardoned "Scooter" Libby, the adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney who was convicted in 2007 of perjury and obstruction of justice in a Central Intelligence Agency leak case.

Trump's tweet showcases his presidential power to pardon at a time when several men close to him are facing significant legal troubles.

But it was his conviction in 1913 that ended his boxing career and unfairly tarnished his reputation for years to come.

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"He had money, and even with his money, he couldn't stop it", Haywood said.

The House and Senate previously passed resolutions to posthumously pardon Johnson, but no president has granted the pardon.

Posthumous pardons are rarely given, but they occurred from time to time. Peter King and Gregory Meeks, petitioned the Obama administration to grant a pardon to Johnson. President Bill Clinton pardoned Henry O. Flipper, the first African-American officer to lead the Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War; he was framed for embezzlement.

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Legendary boxer, Jack Johnson, could get pardon from Trump in historic case