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Spotify founder speaks of opportunities as streaming service goes public

04 April 2018

Its Wall Street debut has been closely followed in recent weeks as much for the unconventional approach to a public offering it chose as for the company itself.

The unusual IPO process had analysts effectively throwing up their hands about what to expect after Spotify went public. The company says that in 2018, shares traded on the private markets between $90 and $132.50.

Spotify's Ek acknowledged before the listing that it could be a volatile ride for the company.

Some observers like the way Spotify went public. Rather than taking the traditional IPO route, Spotify instead filed what is known as a direct listing, which allows existing shareholders to list their shares directly without going through an underwriter.

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Silicon Valley is certainly watching.

Most of what he discussed on the show were topics and statements he's said multiple times before, including in a public letter he posted on the company's website Monday - particularly looking back at the inspiration that led him to found the company in 2006.

"Normally, companies ring bells". This also means that the company won't have a share opening price.

"While this is obviously a big day and I'm really proud of my employees, I really just feel like we're in the early days, not celebrating the end days like so many other companies are doing", he said.

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Spotify is focused on building its subscriber base. However, Spotify has never made any profit and with the rise of the likes of Apple and Amazon as competitors, this may become an issue for potential investors who want to invest in the firm. So far, none of have lived up to that title - though the competition remains fierce.

That success hasn't come cheap. However, a majority of Spotify's net loss was the result of $1 billion in convertible debt that it raised in 2016 from Tencent Holdings Ltd., which agreed to not transfer its shares for a period of three years.

Bleeding money may not be enough to turn off investors, however.

Spotify has 71 million so-called premium subscribers, including users who have given the company a credit card number for a free trial. They've been around for a long time, and their shareholder base has already begun to look like that of a public company.

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Case in point: Dropbox, another mature but unprofitable billion-dollar tech company facing a similarly daunting list of rivals, is up more than 40% from its IPO last month.

Spotify founder speaks of opportunities as streaming service goes public