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Spotify launches mobile app with on-demand playlists for users

25 April 2018

Users can select exact tracks to listen to within these playlists, rather than being forced to rely on shuffle, and can skip as many times as they want. The service will now offer 15 free playlists to listeners, with about 750 songs constituting over 40 hours of playback.

Its new free tier could give enough exposure to the app for Indians to recognise Spotify's superior technology.

Revealed at the Gramercy Theatre in NY, the app will allow users free access to 750 tracks over a maximum of 15 playlists, without forcing them into a shuffle mode. Spotify announced a data saver mode, which allows users to stream on slower networks, while also saving data.

But the way Spotify sees it, if more people try out the app and are satisfied with the free tier, the more chances they choose to upgrade to the $9.99 monthly plan.

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Included in the 15 playlists is Spotify's popular "Discover Weekly" feature, which is a personalized playlists based on your interests. There are now 90 million users using the free tier of Spotify's mobile app, and they're hoping that these added improvements will continue to drive up subscription rates.

With such a dramatically improved free tier, one might wonder what the appeal is in a paid service.

The interface is also changing for new users, with an account setup process where Spotify gets to know you, as you tap on the artists you like, represented in bubbles.

Spotify's free tier represents broadcast radio for Spotify, and is a critical piece of Spotify's overall strategy as paid services like Apple Music continue to grow.

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'Our customers always tell us that music discovery and listening is a personal experience, and we are enhancing the free experience with this in mind, ' said Babar Zafar, vice president of product development at Spotify, in a statement.

Free users will still only be able to shuffle other content, but they have unrestricted access to the core playlists so they can listen to tracks on demand just as Premium listeners can. It'll be specific to each user; if a heavier Spotify user will have more cached.

This free version enables its users to not be " stuck shuffling anymore".

The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers.

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While data is no doubt important, it's also important in a different way to mobile customers, because media can make a big difference in how much you download on the go.

Spotify launches mobile app with on-demand playlists for users