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Thunder TV Announcer Caught Saying Something Incredibly Racist To Describe Russell Westbrook

13 April 2018

He pulled down his 16th rebound with just over nine minutes left in the third quarter and received a standing ovation.

And Robertson never did it in multiple seasons. By the time he got No. 42, he'd already assured himself the season-long mark, having begun averaging a triple-double by late November, and he ended up leading the league in scoring at 31.6 points per game, with 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists.

But it was star teammate Russell Westbrook who grabbed the spotlight with 20 rebounds and 19 assists. For nearly the entire season, he was not averaging a triple-double, causing his quest for a repeat to fly under the radar, to a large degree. Westbrook tallied 11 rebounds, 12 assists and one point on two field goal attempts. But since they were playing one of the worst teams in the National Basketball Association this season, the team didn't need Westbrook to score in order to win. Their team has the best record in the National Basketball Association.

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And with City's line-up packed with attacking players - although top scorer Sergio Aguero was on the bench - it came as no surprise that they flew out of the blocks.

The upshot was that the Thunder ended tied with Utah and New Orleans, but had the best record involving those teams. The triple-double appeared to come organically last season.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - For most point guards, grabbing 16 rebounds to achieve a milestone would seem a daunting task.

"A lot people make jokes about, you know, stat padding or going to get rebounds". "If people could get 20 rebounds every night, they would".

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Bleacher Report cut together a video of every Westbrook rebound from Wednesday night, making it relatively clear that while many of his boards came from his effort to be in the right place at the right time, his absurd total was the product of a team effort.

Ahead of Wednesday's contest, Westbrook was clearly frustrated and exhausted of hearing others question whether he steals rebounds from his team-mates. "I think it speaks to him as a player, more than anything else, in how unique he is". That's what it is.

That has been a saying for years and years, but in 2018, saying anything with even the slightest of racial undertones can get you in a world of trouble.

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Westbrook was pushing the tempo to dizzying degrees, repeatedly taking the ball off the backboard (more on that later) and getting out into transition to find open shooters.

Thunder TV Announcer Caught Saying Something Incredibly Racist To Describe Russell Westbrook