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Trump doubles down on 'Mexican rapists' comments two years later

09 April 2018

In fact, this year's procession is called the "Stations of the Cross Refugee Caravan" to emphasize the humanitarian crises Central Americans are facing. "So we have to change our laws", said Trump at the event. "We're going to have the wall".

"Despite everything that is at stake in the relationship between our two countries, the way in which President Donald Trump has behaved is, for the Mexican people, unacceptable and intolerable", El Universal quoted from the document. These are the types of investments - not a further militarized border - that will lead to more sustainable solutions for the USA, migrants, and their home countries. -Mexican border to beef up security.

Trump signed a proclamation Wednesday night ordering the secretary of defense to support the Department of Homeland Security in securing the southern border to stop the flow of drugs and migrants.

He added that his administration "has no choice but to act".

Trump also referred to an unrelated terrorist attack in Manhattan in November previous year carried out by Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, who investigators say appears to have been radicalized online in the US, not in his home country. He has warned that Mexico must stop the group or risk being penalized in the negotiations over revising the North American Free Trade Agreement.He also has threatened to reduce USA aid to Honduras, the home country of numerous marchers. Nevertheless, these will never justify threatening or disrespectful attitudes between our countries.

"When we saw the numbers, we were shocked", said Irineo Mujica, a Mexican-American activist who is helping organize the trek.

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Trump has unleashed a flurry of furious tweets, after seeing news reports of a caravan of more than 1,000 Central American migrants crossing into Mexico and continuing toward the United States.

The country's Senate passed a resolution Wednesday calling on Mexico's government to suspend cooperation with the US on illegal immigration and drug trafficking in retaliation for Trump's move.

Trump said Thursday, without providing details, that women in the caravan had been raped "at levels that nobody has ever seen before".

Houston is a city full of diversity, built on the backs of immigrants who've come from all over the world. Migrants are seeking political asylum, which the US is obligated to provide under Title 8 Section 1225 of the US Federal Code and under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.

Once again, President Trump has talked about rapists in Mexico, and left consternation and confusion in his wake.

"The Caravan is largely broken up thanks to the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border", he tweeted.

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While some in the caravan will drop out, others will continue on their own to the U.S.to apply for asylum, Alex Mensing, an organizer with the advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, told The Arizona Republic.

Santiago: By focusing so much attention on the caravan, Donald Trump has scared some, and emboldened others.

The comments come as Trump has been calling for more military action at the Mexico-U.S. border.

Many Hondurans who had fled after the contested presidential election in November already had amassed in the southern Mexican border city of Tapachula and joined the caravan when it set off late last month. Kate Linthicum, a Times reporter who covered the caravan, described it as peaceful and family-oriented, with about 300 children among its members.

In March, 37,393 immigrants were caught along the Southwest border, the highest monthly total since December 2016. I'd say it's likely but not sure if they will have bigger or smaller group next year.

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Trump doubles down on 'Mexican rapists' comments two years later