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Vermont Secretary of State does not support citizenship question on 2020 census

01 April 2018

The last census that asked people to report their citizenship status was conducted in 1950, 15 years before the Voting Rights Act became law. If they choose to violate USA law yet again by refusing to participate in the census because of a perfectly legitimate question about citizenship, that's not the US government's fault. Any adult living in the United States - not just citizens - is obligated by law to answer census questions or face a fine of up to $5,000. The New York Times trundled in the next day with an editorial saying the White House is "trifling" with the Census.

Civil rights groups and state attorney generals have charged that the change is politically motivated and will result in a detrimental undercount.

Borderland residents may be more familiar with the statistics included in another recent Census Bureau feature about our age.

Opponents say asking about citizenship will deter non-citizens from responding to the mandatory survey, potentially skewing resident counts, which are used to determine congressional seats and federal funding.

The U.S. decennial census is a hallowed institution that lies at the heart of our democracy.

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"We'll get a court to enjoin this". Ignorance is bliss, they say.

"They're afraid of the government, they're afraid of being deported, they're afraid they're going to be found out where they live", Jackson said.

Still, Becker acknowledges that adding categories for same-sex spouses and unmarried partners on the 2020 census leaves out many LGBT people.

The reasoning is simple - and political. Or another example is the placement of a polling place.

So far, the administration has done a lousy job of explaining its motivation. "I hope that that doesn't happen, but even if it does, it's important to know who's, who are citizens in this country", Lamborn said. "Does the placement of polling places or does the gerrymandering tend to dilute or make hard the voting of naturalized citizens?" Unfortunately, hard-to-count populations tend to provide false and/or misleading answers to certain questions.

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While the reaction to the citizenship question is falling largely along party lines, Camarota said, on the surface, it is reasonable to wonder if it will lead to fewer responses and less accurate data.

"I want to say in no uncertain terms that I think this is an absolutely terrible decision", said Hillygus, who is on the panel of about 15 outside experts that advise the Census Bureau on data collection, methodology and analysis. Following the 2000 decennial census, the "long form" sample was replaced by the American Community Survey, which has included a citizenship question since 2005.

About half the country's 44 million immigrants are US citizens, according to the latest American Community Survey. It's where we get the unemployment numbers.

But in 2010, and in subsequent years, the ACS did not include the citizenship question.

He said Trump's campaign and presidency seem to have little or no impact on the response rate. In addition, the same pattern can be seen on the monthly surveys. Another told Meyers, "Particularly with our current political climate, the Latino community will not sign up because they will think that Census will pass their information on and people can come looking for them". "There's been no rise".

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Vermont Secretary of State does not support citizenship question on 2020 census