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Who Is QBA? Mexican Rapper Admits Dissolving Missing Students' Bodies In Acid

30 April 2018

In what sounds like a plot line out of Breaking Bad, a Mexican rapper and YouTube star has confessed to dissolving the bodies of three missing film students in acid at the order of a drug cartel.

Gutierrez said he received 3,000 pesos (US$159) a week to work for the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel, one of the most powerful in Mexico. In his confession to state prosecutors, Gutierrez reportedly said he disposed of the bodies after kidnapping, torturing and murdering the students. Roughly six people then kidnapped the young students, who CJNG confused for members of a rival gang.

Gutierrez's YouTube channel has almost 125,000 subscribers and millions of page views.

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Torres told reporters: "The payment was attractive to him (Gutierrez) and that is why he joined this cartel", and also told AFP: "He has participated in three other previous murders". He also has two Facebook accounts with 140,000 followers combined.

Gutierrez's YouTube, which has more than 125,000 subscribers, has videos featuring images of poor neighborhoods, drugs and weapons while other videos feature the rapper himself and his friends showing off luxury vehicles and motorcyles.

Some of his most popular songs include "No Remorse" and "Death Has no Schedule". He was also scheduled to appear as the headliner at the big Rap Fest 664 in Tijuana, Mexico, on April 29.

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Juan Martin Perez, the director of a non-governmental organization called Rights to Childhood, called youth disappearance an "epidemic" - contending that organized crime, lack of protection by the government, corruption and authorities' complicity with criminal groups in some locations are to blame.

QBA and the other suspect that was arrested alongside him now face aggravated kidnapping charges.

The brutal deaths of three students has sent shockwaves throughout Mexico.

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Salomon Aceves Gastelum, 25, Daniel Diaz, 20, and Marco Avalos, 20 were all film students, and were apparently working on a school project in, unknown to them, what was a former gang hangout.

Who Is QBA? Mexican Rapper Admits Dissolving Missing Students' Bodies In Acid