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WrestleMania 34 Cops Heat For Its Bloody "Awful" Main Event

10 April 2018

But unwavering defiance on the part of WWE in trying to manufacture the ultimate sports entertainer - the larger-than-life feel of Hulk Hogan, combined with the intensity of the Ultimate Warrior, the suave confidence of The Rock and the perpetual underdog status of Daniel Bryan all paradoxically rolled into one - has put him in a hole that is almost impossible to climb out of.

This is a reason why McMahon is allowing Lesnar to do both MMA and professional wrestling at the same time!

What it doesn't want to do is leave the throng of fans from across the globe confused or disappointed. Lesnar defeated Reigns in brief and bloody affair that will go down in history more for the crowd being completely checked out than for what actually happened in the match.

Only Hulk Hogan had main-evented four successive WrestleManias prior to Roman Reigns on Sunday, but the booking of Reigns continues to baffle. Since then, fans have expected this. Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers were the defending National Basketball Association champions, but it was the Golden State Warriors who were the favourites in The Finals.

Viktor Orban predicted to win third term in Hungary elections
After casting his vote in a wealthy district of Budapest, Orban said: "From here I will go and take part in mobilizing voters". If Orban wins again, he is expected to continue his economic policies, with income tax cuts and incentives to boost growth.

In addition, Lesnar's manager, Paul Heyman, spoke with BarstoolSports.com about he and Brock exploring other endeavors after appearing on the "Grandest Stage of Them All" on April 8. He left New Orleans last night with Universal Heavyweight Title in tow and many of us writers scrambling to figure out what comes next. The blood was not approved beforehand and McMahon was said to be irate about this. Lesnar, meanwhile, returned to the Octagon following a lengthy hiatus at UFC 200, but his victory over Mark Hunt was overturned due to multiple failed drug tests.

When Rousey was finally able to tag into the match, she fought at a breakneck pace, showing great potential as a top notch WWE superstar.

But it's far from doom and gloom for WWE. One of these bizarre-bad moments was Brock Lesnar's shocking retention of the Universal Title.

Or perhaps not? WWE may continue to swerve us.

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The first figure shows the man's brain after he staggered into the hospital emergency room; the second was taken five weeks later. Previously eating cayenne pepper has been linked to sudden constriction of the coronary artery and heart attacks .

The obvious thing to do with Reigns is the same thing WWE should have done years ago: listen to the fans and cast Reigns as a villain.

Finn Balor bringing out a group of local LGBTQ fans and wearing the rainbow flag on his gear seemed revolutionary for a company that only a couple of decades ago traded in thinly veiled homophobia.

Match of the night belonged to Charlotte Flair and Asuka, who thrilled the crowd with their clash over the WWE SmackDown women's title.

Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle beat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to give the former a winning start in the WWE.

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WrestleMania 34 Cops Heat For Its Bloody