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Businesses slow to tackle new European Union privacy law

28 May 2018

The experience will ask you to review how Facebook uses your personal data across a range of products, from ad targeting to facial recognition. Public interest in the looming regulations has risen steadily over the past few months. While a user seeking to exercise the data portability right would be able to move playlists he or she created, the situation becomes fuzzy if the playlists are created by the streaming service using algorithms.

Under the new regulation, companies are prohibited from "bundling" consent requests and must provide a way for users to decide which permissions they wish to grant.

A previous case brought by Schrems against Facebook triggered the collapse of a previous EU-US data sharing agreement. It kicked in Friday after a two-year transitional period, and its effect was immediate. As of May 25, that deadline has passed. However, its impact will still be felt around the world.

Some US activists argue that the implementation offers an opportunity to give more privacy and data protection benefits to Americans.

"They still hold data on European Union citizens and therefore they are required to comply and respond to subject access requests like everyone else".

Thanks to GDPR, you will also now have a much better insight into the astonishing amount of data companies hold on you. Some measures under the new rule include requiring organizations to report personal data breaches to data protection authorities, stricter thresholds of consent and transparency, and sanctions that include the ability to fine organizations up to €20 million or 4 percent of annual global turnover, whichever is higher. That may not sound like a lot, but for a company like Amazon it comes to just over $US7 ($9) billion.

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The short answer is: probably not.

Enforcement means that organizations should already be processing personal data in accordance with the GDPR - including provisions for data subject rights.

Why do US companies have to comply with those rules, too?

Firstly, the objective of the GDPR should be considered.

Many companies outside the European Union, which had not set up the required infrastructure to comply with the new regulations, temporarily stopped their services to Europe.

Both Google and Facebook dispute the claims. Users have the right to know how their data is analyzed and used, and what pros and cons for the society.

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All the cool services are getting data dumps - that little link you click somewhere in a settings menu that triggers the service to send you all the data it collects from you (and everything you've used it to do, theoretically). Facebook has updated its privacy policy and has made it available in 11 Indian languages.

The European Commission insisted that it was not responsible for the blackout of some United States sites, saying it was "proud to set high data protection standards" for the bloc's 500 million citizens.

In the past couple of day, you must have bee bombarded by every app notifying you of the change in their privacy policy.

So if you want to keep your data a little more private, don't immediately click out of that pop-up or delete that email. But not everyone found themselves GDPR compliant as of the deadline, leading to some European users being blocked from reading various websites entirely.

Schrems was a 23-year-old law student when he first took on Facebook and he's been fighting Mark Zuckerberg's social network ever since - becoming the poster-boy for data privacy.

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Businesses slow to tackle new European Union privacy law