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Childish Gambino's Explosive 'This Is America' Scores 16M Views Overnight

08 May 2018

Donald Glover, who performs under the name Childish Gambino, released a music video for his song "This is America" Saturday that shocked viewers with graphic gun scenes.

As you can see (above), watch Childish Gambino's ambitious and interesting video for the politically charged track! Theories about what it all means have started stacking up.

It is interesting to note that while the shooting victims are dragged off-screen in the video, the guns are carefully placed on a red cloth held by well-dressed man. Rich in symbolism and layered with question-raising imagery, the music video shows what it means to be black in trigger-happy America.

Toast Meghan Markle's nuptials at Washington's The Royal Wedding Pub
Harry and Markle are reportedly planning to honeymoon in Africa, a continent that is close to both of their hearts. As we all know courtesy of Alanis Morisette, few things are more ironic than rain on your wedding day .

A picture of the guests was also added to the amusing sketch, which Cecily Strong and Donald Glover nailed.

He couldn't have picked a more poignant time to throw his hat into the discussion on gun violence in America. The stunning visual and shocking video juxtaposes riots, police and gun violence happening with Childish and others dancing, ignoring the chaos around them.

"SNL" ranked as the #1 entertainment show of the night on the Big 4 networks in metered-market households and in 18-49 in the local people meters, topping the primetime non-sports programs on those nets.

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A picture of the man responsible for India's division can not be accepted in a public-funded institution, BJP has said. Jinnah, a founder member of the University Court, had also been given this honour before Partition.

Hiro Murai, Glover's frequent collaborator on Atlanta, directed the video. "This Is America" references numerous country's recent mass shootings from the Charleston, SC church shootings to Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School.

"This Is America" is the first single from Glover since his Grammy Award-nominated 2016 album Awaken, My Love.

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Also puzzling is why the White House didn't announce in advance that the planting last week was a purely symbolic event. Meanwhile, Huffington Post quotes an unnamed official at the Elysée Palace, who said the tree is under quarantine.

Childish Gambino's Explosive 'This Is America' Scores 16M Views Overnight