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Consumer Reports is now recommending the Tesla Model 3

31 May 2018

Consumer Reports has shifted its stance on the Tesla Model 3 and is now recommending the electric vehicle after the automaker issued a software update that improved braking distance on the auto. A previous test - the results of which were released a little more than a week ago - found that it took 152 feet for the Model S compact auto to stop from 60, the longest braking distance of any modern vehicle the magazine has tested.

Tesla's Elon Musk responded, promising that a software fix could address the poor brake performance.

The update improved the Model 3's overall score enough for a recommendation, said Consumer Reports, which had also raised other concerns such as the car's wind noise, stiff ride and uncomfortable rear seat.

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The update, which Tesla says improved how the car's anti-lock braking system adapts under certain environmental conditions, cut the much-talked-about stopping distance to 133ft (40.5m) from 97km/h, down 5.8m on the initial result.

Consumer Reports has a mixed relationship with Tesla's offerings so far, with the magazine dubbing the Model S as the best vehicle it has ever tested. Of the 57 hybrid and electric vehicles Consumer Reports has reviewed, it ranked the Tesla Model 3 sixth, behind the front-running 2018 Toyota Prius. Model 3 now has improved ride comfort, lower wind noise & many other small improvements. "I've been at CR for 19 years and tested more than 1,000 cars", Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at the organization said of the change, "and I've never seen a vehicle that could improve its track performance with an over-the-air update".

The updated brakes, while a large improvement, do not place the Model 3 at the top of its class, the publication said.

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CR plans to rent another Model 3 from Tesla at a later date to see these changes in action. The advocacy groups maintain that Tesla and Musk are violating a recently enacted law that bars companies from making statements that lead drivers to mistakenly think a vehicle is fully autonomous if it doesn't meet the state's definition of a self-driving auto. "Tesla will be there as soon as he believes we should", added Musk, also the SpaceX founder.

"Would love to be in India", Musk said in the Twitter posting.

'If so, we will address this at our expense.

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Consumer Reports is now recommending the Tesla Model 3