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Fallout 76 Announced By Bethesda Softworks

31 May 2018

While some of these were a bit of fun, a remaster of the third entry in the series was a highly-desired title, so some may have been a bit let down when Fallout 76 was announced.

"In Vault 76 our future begins". With this setup, one of the main objectives of Fallout 76 is for players to make their mark onto the world and literally rebuild things from the ground up a generation after the nuclear bombs fell. So are we getting a looter-shooter, an MMO, a survival game, a sandbox-style multi-player shooter (like Battlecry was supposed to be before Bethesda canceled it), or something else entirely? In Fallout 4, the newsreader in the prologue mentions Vault 76 debuting in 2076 in honor of America's tercentenary when discussing Vault-Tec's plans to expand. While we are excited for a new addition to the Fallout universe, this seems like a glorified and more developed Fallout Shelter. Importantly, it was one of the "control vaults", that is not one that used for weird experiments, that was actually meant to keep it's 500 inhabitants alive and sane to repopulate the world.

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Take a look at some grabs from the trailer for Fallout 76, from award-winning creators Bethesda Game Studios.

According to the lore of the series, Vault 76 was located near Washington D.C. and West Virginia. My guess is that this is an expansion of Fallout 4's settlements system, to the point of not just building towns but entire working cities. The two titles referenced both have plenty of fans of their own, but this would be a major departure for Fallout.

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Kotaku's Jason Schreier has said it may be "an online game of sorts" and that those hoping for a massive solo experience will be disappointed. Other than the obviously safe and domestic lifestyle the dwellers lead, a poster that reads "Reclamation Day", and balloons and confetti everywhere not much more can be gleaned from the teaser.

So what do we know?

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However, while this is all we know about the game so far from the official sources, other media reports believe they know what kind of gameplay will be included.

Fallout 76 Announced By Bethesda Softworks