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'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

18 May 2018

But there are also plenty of White House staffs who only hear Yanny, including strategic-communications director Mercedes Schlapp.

He played it for his peers, who disagreed over whether the syllables formed "Yanny" or "Laurel".

In a video posted Thursday evening, the White House waded into America's most contentious debate: Is it "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

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Yanny or Laurel - if you have somehow managed to miss this one, which I find impossible, you'll find the lowdown here.

The audio became viral after being shared on Reddit on Sunday by a user named Roland Camry. The confusing audio clip is playing around with frequency and the words the listener hears will depend on the range of frequency that the person picks up from the clip. It spread like wildfire after Chloe posted it on Twitter.

How you listen to the recording will also affect what you hear.

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To make it more clear, humans typically pay attention to three different frequencies when they're listening to speech. "All I hear is Yanny". "All I hear is Yanny". The word Yanny, the second frequency, has nearly exactly the same pattern as the L, R, L in Laurel.

Personally, we can hear nothing but "green needle", but do let us know whether you're Team Brain or Teem Needle.

Decide for yourself by watching the clip above, via the White House.

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"Laurel" debate that's baffled the internet this week is dead.

'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'