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Israel says its planes bombed militant targets in Gaza

18 May 2018

Israeli forces killed at least 62 Palestinians during protests near the Gaza fence on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), which coincided this year with the relocation of the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city of Jerusalem al-Quds. Those relations are based on the commitment to global law, United Nations resolutions and human rights.

Israel said it was a warranted response to numerous shooting incidents throughout Wednesday, including machine gun fire, which targeted the city of Sderot in the Southern District of Israel.

Tens of thousands of people have been protesting along the fortified border with Israel since 30 March, calling for Palestinian refugees and their descendants to be allowed to return to their homes now inside Israel.

Israel occupied the West Bank and east Jerusalem in 1967 and later annexed east Jerusalem in a move never recognised by the global community.

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These clashes occurred mainly in the Gaza Strip and coincided with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem - a highly controversial move as the status of the city remains a subject of major dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales dedicated the embassy just two days after a high-powered American delegation marked the transfer of the U.S. Embassy.

The Israeli government has described the events as an assault on Israel's sovereignty, while failing to address the reality that has led to the mass protest - 50 years of occupation and over 10 years of closure.

Israel, with United States backing, says Hamas is behind the protests, deliberately provoking violence for propaganda aims. One Israeli soldier has been wounded.

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Monday was the bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 war between Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers.

Vietnam is concerned about the ongoing tension and violence at the Gaza Strip and the country is on the side of peace and Palestinians, spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang of Vietnam's foreign ministry said Thursday.

The trucks entered Tuesday, as medical facilities in Gaza were struggling to treat hundreds of people wounded by Israeli fire the day before.

Earlier, Pakistan has expressed full support for any move of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to highlight the plight of the Palestinians, besides deploring the UN Security Council failure to slam brutalities of Israeli forces along Gaza border. Israel's military said those comments proved the protests were not peaceful.

Guatemala joins the USA in moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales also said in December that the country would move its embassy back to Jerusalem. Israel regards all of the city, including the eastern sector it annexed after the 1967 conflict, as its capital.

Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador and consul general, and several European countries summoned Israeli ambassadors to their foreign ministries for questioning and called for an global investigation. Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have said they are considering doing the same.

Israel says its planes bombed militant targets in Gaza