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'Laurel' or 'yanny'? This audio illusion has the Internet divided

16 May 2018

But what word? This is what has driven the internet apart, with some people reporting to hear "Yanny", and others "Laurel".

Other theories were more plausible. "And the higher frequencies say "Yanny". If you turn the volume up and increase the bass, you'll probably hear "Laurel".

The clip is apparently a result of the McGurk effect, an illusion in which people hear something different from the actual sound due to a visual stimulus. Yanny v Laurel. Why can we not just have peace in our time? Now that this reporter only hears Yanny, all she wants to do is hear Laurel again.

Australia looking into claims that Google collects users' data
While the allegations are not new and they first appeared in November of previous year , the whistleblower remained unknown then. Further, referring to My Account in the settings, it says that users have full control over their data and how it can be used.

The whole debate is a reminder that the internet is an awesome place. Well, experts interviewed by The Verge said it's both like the image of two faces that is also an image of a vase.

So, depending on the person, they can perceive these patterns differently.

So what do you hear?

Special teams failures took Capitals' teeth away in Game 3
But Washington's power play could not connect on its opportunities the way that Tampa Bay had. Less than two minutes later, Victor Hedman made it 3-0 Lightning .

A majority of people claim to hear one or the other, while some insist they can hear both.

What do you hear?

All of these little factors add up to cause absolute pandemonium on the internet. "With a high-quality recording, and if all listeners were listening with the same device, there may not be any confusion". Soon everyone from regular Joes to celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and JJ Watt were talking about it (Ellen thought it was Laurel, but Watt was Team Yanny).

Terrorists Are Trained in Pakistan, India Should Invade PoK: Ramdev
Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said India had maintained outright that the plot for the Mumbai attacks was hatched in Pakistan. He was called to Pakistan by a person who is wanted in for terrorist activities in Mumbai .

Who knows what could happen next.

'Laurel' or 'yanny'? This audio illusion has the Internet divided