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Facebook edged out of top 3 social networks by USA teens

04 June 2018

That being said, the survey poses no doubt in the sharp drop of kids using Facebook from seventy-one percent to fifty-one percent, as estimated from the year 2015. Reddit came in at 7 percent. The researchers discovered that more than 80 percent of U.S. teens are using YouTube, making this video-streaming service the most popular social media platform for teens. While 31 percent reported a mostly positive effect and 24 percent a mostly negative effect, around 45 percent said they didn't think social media had a positive or negative impact.

Snapchat and YouTube are used the most often, with 35 percent of teens preferring Snapchat and 32 percent preferring YouTube as their majority social media app. Just 24 percent of teens went online "almost constantly", according to that poll - essentially half the number that do so today.

Teens were also three times more likely to say they used either YouTube or Snapchat "most often" than they were with Facebook, providing further evidence that the social media giant's reach is beginning to dwindle.

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When it comes to the platform teens access most frequently throughout the day, Snapchat is king. The shares of teenagers who use Twitter and Tumblr are largely comparable to the shares who did so in the 2014-2015 survey. By contrast, the current top-ranking service, YouTube, wasn't even named among the most popular online platform choices of teens in the past report. For these teens, they no longer find Facebook as relevant.

Teens do on social media what teens have been doing for a millenia...they have extremely uninteresting teen conversations that for them, mean life or death.

Though declining numbers of teenage users is troublesome for Facebook, it isn't the only problem the social network faces with regard to younger users' statistics.

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It can not be told whether YouTube has replaced Facebook.

Facebook usage lags behind rivals such as YouTube, where 85% of teens say they spend their time. "So what we're seeing could be described as 'incremental, ' or may be a slight acceleration of teen defections".

The Pew Research Centre has released new research which questions whether we can continue to call Facebook the king of social media.

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Facebook edged out of top 3 social networks by USA teens