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N. Korea still poses N-threat

24 June 2018

Noh also downplayed concerns that improved relations between China and North Korea could result in China loosening its sanctions against the North, saying that Beijing has repeatedly stated its commitment to U.N. Security Council resolutions against North Korea.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who has been ordered by Trump to unilaterally halt "provocative" U.S. war games in South Korea, was cautious when asked whether the North had indeed begun to disarm.

North Korea announced before the Singapore summit the suspension of its ICBM testing and also closed its nuclear bomb test site, where it conducted several explosions in front of visiting media that it said were to destroy testing tunnels.

One does not need a calculation of the exponential exposure or advertising value to be convinced that Singapore has benefited from facilitating the Trump-Kim summit (Singapore may have gained over $700m in exposure as host: Analyst; June 14).

"This is a part of follow-up measures after the North Korea-U.S. summit and South Korea-North Korea summit".

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In the meeting, Kim committed to "complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula", while Trump pledged "security guarantees" to the North, Yonhap News Agency reported.

US officials have said earlier that the remains are believed to be some or all of the more than 200 that the North Koreans have had for some time.

Richard Downes, executive director of the Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIAs, said last week that he had been told the North may have the remains of more than 200 American service members that were likely recovered from land during farming or construction and could be easily returned.

The repatriation will mark the first step to be implemented under the agreement reached during last week's U.S.

He dismissed it as "completely false" and said plans were "still preliminary".

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Now the focus shifts to the price of the rebels' compliance, and it could be a high one for the beleaguered prime minister. But a government official said they had just agreed to open talks on the basis of the rebel amendment.

Repeating North Korean arguments, Trump said the games were "provocative" to Pyongyang and added that they were "very expensive". That method enabled US researchers to keep the remains more intact and to glean clues from their surroundings. Those priorities, from China's perspective, would be to ensure that Beijing is included in any in peace treaty talks and for creating an environment on the Korean Peninsula that will make it unnecessary for USA troops to remain. The biggest concern is that the "maximum pressure" that contributed to the North coming to the negotiation table is cracking without any substantial progress in dismantling the North's nuclear capability.

The Singapore meeting resulted in a surprise announcement of a USA suspension of military drills with its South Korean ally, a goal long pursued by Beijing and Pyongyang.

The U.S. has stationed combat troops in South Korea since the Korean War, in which China fought on North Korea's side and which ended in 1953 with an armistice and no peace treaty.

"Again and again the US has been provoking a trade war". "There will be a big question mark over whether China and US will continue this cooperation".

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N. Korea still poses N-threat