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Russian Federation raises alarm against Donald Trump’s plans for militarising space

23 June 2018

President Trump announced Monday that he would direct the military to create a sixth branch of the armed forces aimed at dominating outer space.

"We must have American dominance in space", he told reporters in televised comments.

The House past year approved a proposal from Alabama GOP Rep. Mike Rogers to create a Space Corps, which would be the first new military branch since the Air Force was broken out of the Army in 1947.

The idea of a space force that would oversee those efforts as a stand-alone Pentagon entity has surfaced several times in the past, but the Pentagon has resisted such calls, leaving it to U.S. Air Force Space Command to oversee such efforts.

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However, the US Congress would need to pass a law authorising it before any new branch of the military could be created. Past year the U.S. House Armed Services Committee drafted a bill to establish the force, citing the need to safeguard U.S. communications and military satellites.

President Trump announced June 18 that he has told the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to start forming a space force to ensure U.S. space dominance, but a key lawmaker insisted that DOD can not proceed without congressional approval.

While the U.S. was the first country to develop anti-satellite technology, back in the Kennedy era, much of this technology has fallen by the wayside, given an assumed dominance of space, said Brian Weeden, Technical Adviser for the Secure World Foundation, which promotes cooperative solutions for space sustainability and the peaceful uses of outer space.

'The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers'.

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Switzerland midfielder Valon Behrami is receiving treatment for a muscle problem but is still likely to play. Sharp, fast, tireless and elusive, *Xherdan Shaqiri *proved more than a handful for the Serbia defence.

In addition, there are two other space initiatives being enforced by the National Space Council. There has also been no indication that the Air Force is not up to the job, given the current lack of space-based infantry skirmishes or ground (ahem) operations.

Mark Kelly's opinion on the matter aside, Trump's move to create a new branch of the military may be finished before it even begins.

"Russia takes a fundamentally different position and attaches priority to using and exploring space exclusively for peaceful purposes", Zakharova said.

He also revealed plans to conquer Mars and journey to the moon. The U.S. National Security Strategy for 2017 named both Russian Federation and China as the primary threats to the U.S. This would act as a jumping off point for sending astronauts to Mars.

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Now the focus shifts to the price of the rebels' compliance, and it could be a high one for the beleaguered prime minister. But a government official said they had just agreed to open talks on the basis of the rebel amendment.

Many suspect Trump's Space Force talk is just meant to distract Americans from the humanitarian crisis happening at our borders. The gateway gives us that great opportunity.

Russian Federation raises alarm against Donald Trump’s plans for militarising space