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TV Preacher Asking Flock for $54M for Private Jet the 'New Normal'?

02 June 2018

In a March 21 video in his weekly series This Week With Jesse, Duplantis stated "Now people say. can't you go with [a commercial plane]?"

The new plane costs $54 million, according to, a website dedicated to private aviation.

"I really believe, if Jesus was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn't be riding a donkey", he explained. "Think about that for a minute", Duplantis said.

He preaches the prosperity gospel, which says God shows favor by rewarding the faithful with earthly riches. Best of all, it can carry up to 16 passengers, so Duplantis doesn't need to be alone.

This would be the fourth plane owned by Jesse Duplantis Ministries.

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It appears that more celebrity pastors are turning to the use of private jets as their go-to form of traveling.

He claims God told him: "I want you to believe in me for a Falcon 7X".

"So pray about becoming a partner toward it, if you like to and if you don't, you don't have to, but I wish you would", he said. "Yes, but I can't go it one stop".

Because God works in mysterious ways, we give you the story of a Louisiana-based televangelist who only recently reached out to his flock to fulfill God's works.

Fellow prosperity gospel ministers Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland have also come under fire in recent years for calling on fellow Christians to fund multi-million dollar private jets.

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The cabin can seat up to 19, but most Falcon 7X models are configured to seat 12. And with a ride like that, spreading the word of God would be a piece of pie, as Duplantis claimed. He's owned private jets before - three of them, specifically - but he's "burned them up for the Lord" in his extensive ministry, he says.

He wouldn't live long enough to get to everywhere he needed by using cars, trains or ships. It's going to save lives one soul at a time. People coming up to him.

The evangelist is the face of "Jesse Duplantis Ministries", which according to its website has been operating for at least 40 years.

"You can't manage that today", he said. "You get in a long tube with a bunch of demons, and it's deadly".

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TV Preacher Asking Flock for $54M for Private Jet the 'New Normal'?