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Fortnite's Playground mode returns alongside birthday rewards

30 July 2018

To celebrate Fortnite's first birthday (or at least Save the World's), Epic Games will today push out the v5.10 update; the game is now in downtime as the changes are applied. If Fortnite players complete all three of the challenges, they will earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling.

These changes come with Fortnite's 5.10 update today and last until August 7.

A list of new birthday challenges awaits gamers once they log into Fortnite. An Epic Games representative seemed to confirm the weapon by posting simply posting "Oops" when the "exceles" typo was pointed out.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Guide Where to Locate all the Cakes
Fortnite reopens Playground Mode to celebrate its first birthday

Update: Epic has said you're going to have to wait until the store refreshes until the Challenges unlock for some players. If you complete the new Save the World quest line, you can unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez skin. Additionally, it is among the 3 new challenges and completing them all will reward players special items.

With only a few days left until its return, all eyes will be on Epic Games to see what has changed for their most popular mode. With the help of this Fortnite birthday cake guide, the challenge becomes easier.

More on Fortnite as we get it.

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The latest patch also adds a new Compact SMG into Battle Royale which uses light ammo and has a 50 round capacity.

Another change coming in Fortnite's next patch (which should be arriving today) will make a change to Slurp Juice, the consumable which gradually bumps up health and shield simultaneously.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free, but Fortnite Save the World-the PvE portion that got the ball rolling last year-is not. One thread on the game's subreddit was created after the patch went live with the post titled "What in the hell are you doing Epic?" alongside a now-removed screenshot of the patch building nerfs in the patch notes. As it turns out, the new update marks the return of the beloved Playground LTM, which has received a facelift and even more features to mess around with.

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Most importantly, the birthday update will bring back Playground Mode.

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Fortnite's Playground mode returns alongside birthday rewards