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Kawhi Leonard's birthday wish: A trade to the Lakers

01 July 2018

The Lakers are pursuing an additional first-round pick on the trade market too, offering to incur a salary dump of contracts to get a pick, league sources said. Contracts can't be officially signed until Jul 6.

Four-time NBA Most Valuable Player James could still sign a new deal with the Cavaliers, the hometown team he led to an NBA crown in 2016 to snap a major sports title drought dating to 1964.

While the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs are reportedly engaged in trade talks for Kawhi's services, with the Lakers reportedly making a "Godfather offer" to the Spurs, this puts San Antonio in an interesting position.

This report basically confirms that if the Lakers don't get Kawhi, they don't get LeBron.

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The Cavaliers can offer James the most money under National Basketball Association rules, a five-year deal worth $209 million, and he could also sign a short-term deal.

Windhorst added that the 76ers will have the chance to pitch James.

There is also the possibility of Los Angeles needing to bring in a third team for the trade to work.

The Lakers' acquisition of James has been speculated at great length since last summer.

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League sources told ESPN on Wednesday that is exactly the case right now as the two clubs are currently in discussions, with the pressure especially on the Lakers.

We don't know what LeBron is going to do, but we know that acquiring Kawhi will make the Lakers a much more attractive destination for The King.

It's also worth noting that Leonard is one of the few players in the National Basketball Association who can contain James, another reason why James would potentially want to play with Leonard instead of against him. "Understanding, especially, where my boys are at this point in their age".

The two-time Defensive Player of the Year had been cleared to return by the Spurs' medical staff but he didn't believe he was 100 percent healthy and sought a second opinion. "So sitting down and considering everything, my family, is a huge part of whatever I'll decide to do in my career and it will continue to be that". James posted a video Thursday of himself and his son, Bronny, jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Irving had a list of teams he preferred playing for and the Celtics were not one of them, however, he seems very happy with the Celtics as reports state he is "motivated" to sign an extension with the team.

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There have been reports that James has been calling other free agents trying to form another super team. By Friday, James will have to make a decision whether or not to enter free agency.

Kawhi Leonard's birthday wish: A trade to the Lakers