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Once in a century lunar eclipse

26 July 2018

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the Earth's shadow.

If you want to see what the eclipse will look like in your area, you can plug your location into NASA's Lunar Eclipse Explorer. NASA said that will be a "super moon" with the totality visible from North America. The darkest part of Earth's shadow, the umbra, can be pictured as a cone extending from Earth in the opposite direction to the sun. The total eclipse will last up to 1.43 hours.

For the second phase, as the moon continues on its orbit, there will be another partial lunar eclipse, which will be visible from around 2:43 am IST. "While more common than the solar eclipse, the event is nonetheless fairly unusual, with even partial eclipses rarely happening a few times or twice per year and each is only visible from a portion of the Earth." 3.

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Rare blood moon to rise in sky on Friday during longest eclipse this century

A good chunk of the world will get a first-hand look at a handsome astronomical occurrence on July 27, when a "blood moon" and Mars appear together in the night sky.

While we typically experience between one and four lunar eclipses every year, this week's will be remarkably rare. And because of this shadow, the surface of the moon appears red, giving it the name of Blood Moon.

The Royal Astronomical Society said that Mars and the moon will appear low in the sky for everyone in the United Kingdom, so a location with an unobstructed southeastern horizon will afford the best view. Everyone on the night side of Earth will see the eclipse together from 4.24am (AEST) with the total eclipse starting at 5.30am (AEST). In other cultures, the eclipse is seen as the moon being swallowed by other animals, such as a jaguar in Mayan tradition, or a three-legged toad in China.

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The lunar eclipse will end at 11.14pm, with a total duration of one hour and 42 minutes.

That means that people in Asia and Australia will be able view the eclipse after midnight and before sunrise.

NASA said the total lunar eclipse will last almost two hours Friday night, turning the moon a reddish orange color.

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As this happens, some part of the Moon will not be visible to stargazers, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse.

As if the eclipse isn't enough to hold our attention, Mars will be its closest and brightest to its neighbours since 2003.

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Once in a century lunar eclipse