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This Won't Be Kavanaugh's First Knock-Down, Drag-Out Confirmation Fight

10 July 2018

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Judge Brett Kavanaugh his Supreme Court nominee, in the East Room of the White House, Monday, July 9, 2018, in Washington. NY time to name his choice. The official said Trump decided on Kavanaugh because of his large body of jurisprudence cited by other courts, describing him as a judge that other judges read.

Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vows a fight, "We already know that President Trump's nominee will be prepared to overturn the precedence of Roe v. Wade". As a judge on the US Court of Appeals in Washington he has written opinions on some of the nation's most sensitive issues. But Valentino says a late addition to the final four, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Hardiman comes off as more moderate on some issues and could have the edge.

Donald Trump has named Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the U.S. supreme court, lighting the fuse of an acrimonious political battle and potentially setting the court on a more conservative course for decades to come.

Kavanaugh worked for Bush during the contentious recount in the pivotal state of Florida in the 2000 presidential election, then headed the Bush administration's search for potential judicial nominees. The White House says Trump isn't likely to interview any more new candidates. Democrats, meanwhile, have raised alarm not just over Kavanaugh's conservative bona fides, but one of past academic writings in which he argued presidents "should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office" such as responding to civil lawsuits and investigative inquiries based out of criminal charges.

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Conservative critics said Kavanaugh's dissent provided the roadmap that helped persuade U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts to cast a crucial vote in upholding the law when it reached the Supreme Court in 2012. Kavanaugh in his dissent mentioned that a financial penalty levied under Obamacare on Americans who opted not to obtain health insurance might be considered a tax, a pivotal distinction in the conservative legal challenge to the law. "Whoever is nominated, whoever he or she is, if they're confirmed, they're going to be there for a long time". Kavanaugh, who serves on the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, is expected to be less receptive to abortion and gay rights than Kennedy was. Given Trump's known habit of leaning on family ties and valuing loyalty above all, that could be decisive.

Republicans hold a narrow one-seat majority in the Senate.

"One Republican senator can decide the fate of any Supreme Court nominee", said Sen.

The process is arduous, with the private meetings giving way to days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats.

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"I do think the president has to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed here", added Sen. "And I expect we'll do that on sort of a normal timetable of a couple of months".

Democrats' hopes are pinned on two Republican senators, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who both oppose any nominee who threatens the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling recognizing abortion as a constitutional right.

Current justices range in age from Elena Kagan, 58, to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85.

Departing Bedminster on Sunday afternoon, Trump told reporters he planned to make a decision Sunday evening or Monday.

Trump to Appoint Extreme Ideologue to the Supreme Court
Republicans control the Senate by a 51-49 majority, making any efforts by Democrats to thwart Trump's nominee an uphill battle. The New York Times reported Sunday that Trump found Kethledge a little tiresome and anxious about his record on immigration.

News reported on Sunday night that Kavanaugh and Hardiman are getting the most attention in the decision-making process. All eyes are on the three Senate Democrats who voted for Neil Gorsuch last year - North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp, Indiana's Joe Donnelly, and West Virginia's Joe Manchin - who all facing reelection this year in states where Trump won by double digits in 2016.

This Won't Be Kavanaugh's First Knock-Down, Drag-Out Confirmation Fight